Hopfest 2023

Posted on 11th August 2023

United St Saviour’s Charity is delighted to share a few highlights from yesterday’s Hopfest, our annual summer social event that brought together the wonderful residents across our United St Saviour’s Almshouses and our vibrant local community in Southwark. This year's fete-themed extravaganza was a day filled with joy, laughter and heartwarming moments, and luckily - sunshine, based in the lovely setting of our Hopton's Almshouse!

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Celebrating Refugee Week 2023 – Our Community Hero, Eltayeb Hassan

Posted on 20th June 2023

This year’s Refugee Week is 19-25 June. In recognition of this, our next Community Hero is the amazing Eltayeb Hassan of the Southwark Refugees Community Forum.

Eltayeb’s experiences echo those of many others forced to flee their homes and establish new lives for themselves.  Fleeing from political violence in Sudan, Eltayeb arrived to the UK in 1999 with no English, no family, connections, job or friends. Now ‘expert by experience’ he uses his knowledge, skills & energy to support new arrivals in Southwark.

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Almshouse residents may live up to two and half years longer, study finds

Posted on 22nd May 2023

The Guardian newspaper published two articles today highlighting a new report from the research team from United St Saviour’s Charity and Bayes Business School says that the longevity of those who move into an almshouse – the oldest form of social housing – is boosted by as much as two and a half years.

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