Our Large Grants (Community Investment) Programme is for grants of more than £5,000.  We are looking to fund projects and organisations that help to achieve the aims of our 3 priority themes:  Positive Aging, Strong, Resilient Communities and Levelling the Playing Field.  You can find more information about the context and aims of the Large Grants programme in this document

We are looking to fund projects that demonstrate the following (our criteria):

  • Clearly meet local need
  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Foster reciprocity
  • Tackle the root causes of particular challenges (for example, systems or behaviours)
  • Leverage additional resources (in cash or in kind)
  • Have a positive and sustained impact

Priority will also be given to organisations that demonstrate the following:

  • Track record of effective delivery
  • Clear purpose and strategy
  • Effective leadership
  • Strong and appropriate governance
  • Collaborative approach and working practice
  • Effective financial and operational management
  • Appropriate impact measurement and reflection

If you receive a grant, you’ll need to sign a grant agreement and accept the Terms and Conditions form that explains our expectations, including what the funds can be used for. You will need to keep accurate financial records and produce 6-monthly progress reports, as well as an end of year report.