Large Grants

Our Large Grants Programme is for grants of over £3,000 – our typical large grant is £40,000.  We are looking to fund proposals that achieve our 3 priorities:  Positive Ageing, Levelling the Playing Field and Strong, Resilient Communities. We now award unrestricted (and core funding) as well as project or service-based funding.  Unfortunately we can’t award unrestricted grants to groups which also work outside Southwark.

Click here to find more information about the context and aims of the programme.

We are looking to fund proposals that:

  • Are in line with our priorities
  • Meet local need
  • Are creative
  • Are protective or preventative (i.e. tackle root causes/prevent later problems)
  • Influence policy, practice, or behaviours for longer term impact

Priority will also be given to organisations that demonstrate the following:

    • Track record of effective delivery
    • Clarity of purpose
    • Effective leadership
    • Strong, appropriate governance/diversity of governance (ie. diversity that is reflective of the borough of Southwark)
    • Collaborative approach and shared learning
    • Effective financial and operational management
    • Appropriate impact measurement and reflection

If you receive a grant, you’ll need to sign a grant agreement and accept the Terms and Conditions form that explains our expectations, including what the funds can be used for. We will agree proportionate reporting arrangements with you. For unrestricted/core grants this will include management accounts and annual/impact reports. Project/service grants will be asked to provide 6-monthly progress reports and a simple end of grant report.