Southwark is a borough of contrasts. While the population as a whole is growing more affluent, large numbers struggle to make ends meet.  The pandemic has compounded existing inequalities and has had a devastating effect on many who were already struggling, particularly minoritized groups. The economic and social impact of the pandemic and the impending cost of living crisis mean that the residents of Southwark are facing a number of challenges.

So the priorities of our grants programmes are perhaps even more relevant now than pre-pandemic.  Our priorities (and the outcomes we want to achieve) are as follows:

  • Communities are inclusive, strong and supportive of each other (Strong, Resilient Communities).
  • Older people are experiencing a great quality of life (Positive Ageing)
  • All residents have the same life opportunities and chances (Levelling The Playing Field)

We support organisations and specific initiatives through an open programme of large grant and small grants, and by working with important local partnerships that have the potential to benefit the people of Southwark and draw in more investment.

Please note that we only fund projects that benefit the people who live and work in our area of benefit – the London Borough of Southwark.

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