Southwark is a borough of contrasts, where the population as a whole is growing more affluent but large numbers are struggling to make ends meet.  The rapid transformation and regeneration of the area is bringing with it both challenges and opportunities.  The pace of change is contributing to high levels of anxiety for some, but many communities are well positioned to reap the benefits of the increased investment and development.

In 2019/20, United St Saviour’s invested £1,000,000 in north Southwark for projects and activities that improve lives and build community. Our programme of community investment is now focused on 3 outcomes:

  • Older people are experiencing a great quality of life (Positive Ageing)
  • All residents have the same life opportunities and chances (Levelling The Playing Field)
  • Communities are inclusive, strong and supportive of each other (Strong, Resilient Communities).

We deliver these outcomes by supporting initiatives through an open programme of large grants and small grants; and strategic grant-making, and by working on important local partnerships that have the potential to draw more investment into Southwark, and empower local residents and groups to transform their lives and neighbourhoods.

Please note that we only fund projects that benefit the people who live and work in our area of benefit – north Southwark.

Covid-19 update

United St Saviour’s income streams have been severely impacted by the lockdown and, unfortunately, we have not been able to run our normal grants programmes in 2020. We are confident that the situation will normalise and we will be able to award grants again in 2021. We hope to be able to make some announcements early next year.

Click here for a version of our funding guide and feel free to get in contact if you need any further information.