ARC for the Future

Almshouse Resilient Communities
(ARC) for the Future project

In a world facing increasingly severe threats, including climate change and pandemics, we need to build resilient communities. ARC for the Future was a 30-month research project, working with seven community partners who provide high-quality accommodation for older residents. From these almshouse communities, some of which have been in place for hundreds of years, we can learn much about resilience, not only for almshouse communities but for society more generally. The project explored three perspectives: community, built environment and organisational resilience.

Who funded the work?

The project was funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust (DMT). Beyond a constantly supportive presence, DMT took no direct part in this research.

How to cite

Callahan, E., Murtagh, N., Pannell, J. & Pooley, A. (2024) The Knowledge Hub on Resilience in Almshouse Communities.


ARC for the Future found 30 themes which contribute to almshouse community resilience.

The 30 themes are grouped into 4 key themes.

Themes of interest for:

West Indian older gentleman and teenager with football
Case Study 1: Diversity and Inclusion

In this Case Study, one of the ARC for the Future research partners shares some of the experiences, challenges and successes of their journey towards a more diverse and inclusive community.

Two small almshouses
Case Study 2: Smaller Almshouse Charities

This Case Study focuses on issues affecting resilience specifically for smaller almshouse charities and the role of others that support them.