Shelby Bootle was born and raised in Southwark Peckham. Shelby believes everyone should get access to creative therapy that teaches people how to harness their hurt into healing!

She had a very tough time in school as she was bullied causing her to experience severe anxiety. But she found her place with the @bridgethegapstudios production team. She started as someone who took part in their theatre programme which exposed her to new people, volunteering helped her to understand how she can contribute to the world and directing her most recent play ‘None of the clocks works’ helped her to step back and understand the bigger picture.

Her biggest achievement has been to perform silent voice’s in parliament to bring attention to the issue young people face on a daily, youth violence, neglect, abuse and grooming. She loved working with primary school children to reflect on how death can impact everyone in the community and discuss various characters in people’s lives.

She is proudly following in similar footsteps to her mother who was too a prominent person in the area for families and children, as she uses to run the after-school club on the estate. As she is in the process of setting up her own female-led organisation that provides a safe space to embrace women and sisterhood to create safer spaces for them.

At United St Saviour’s, we think she is one of Southwark’s extraordinary #CommunityChampions