Appleby Blue

Appleby Blue – Reimagining the Almshouse for Community Living 

Credit: Philip Vile  

Built in the heart of Southwark, Appleby Blue is a social housing development for residents aged 65 and over. Designed by Stirling Prize-winning architects Witherford Watson and Mann, Appleby Blue offers a home where older people in the borough can live enriched, independent lives, surrounded by the support of their local community.  

Named to honour Dorothy Appleby, an early benefactor whose legacy continues to impact United St Saviour’s Charity, the development reflects the vibrant Blue Market area of Bermondsey and symbolises our connection to the local area which has spanned over five centuries. 

Our Vision 

We believe good design should be available and accessible to all. And that your last home can be your best home. Appleby Blue is the culmination of this vision – an entirely new way of thinking about the role of the almshouse in community life.  

Life at Appleby Blue 

Bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, Appleby Blue is a thriving hub that places residents in the heart of their community. At Appleby Blue, we create an environment where residents and members of the local community alike can connect over common interests in a space that truly serves the needs of its users.  

Architectural principles of balancing intentional communal and private spaces to promote better social connection are embedded in every aspect of the development. Designed to give residents a space to call home that tackles isolation, life at Appleby Blue is guided by our organisation’s mission: to enhance the lives of residents in Southwark. Enjoy the social buzz of a gardening or exercise class in the garden room, or take in London’s iconic cityscape from the rooftop gardens.   

Our residents say it best:  

“[Moving to Appleby Blue] was like jumping out of a plane with no parachute; and landing on a bouncy castle.” 

John, Appleby Blue resident  

My life here is beyond words.”  

Titilayo, Appleby Blue resident 

 Offering 57 one-bedroom flats, Appleby blue is intended for residents in Southwark who need it the most. To qualify for consideration as a resident you must meet the following criteria:  

  • Age Requirement: At least 65 years old.  
  • Local Connection: A minimum of three years’ residency in Southwark.  
  • Financial Need: Demonstrable financial need and eligibility for charitable support.  

Are you looking to move into Appleby Blue? Learn more about living in one of our almshouses here 

Connecting with the Local Community 

From community cooking classes in the Appleby Kitchen to hosting craft events in our hobby room, our versatile facilities are perfect for multigenerational, inclusive community activities of all sizes. Get involved, download a sample weekly activity plan to see what kind of events we run.

Contact our Centre Manager to access our latest events calendar.