Small Grants

Our Small Grants Programme is for applications up to the value of £3,000 that bring together and connect Southwark residents.

We are looking to fund proposals that support our outcomes:

  • That communities in Southwark are inclusive, strong and supportive of each other (Strong, Resilient Communities)
  • Older people in Southwark are experiencing a great quality of life (Positive Ageing)
  • That all residents have the same life opportunities and chances (Levelling the Playing Field).

The Small Grants Programme is largely focussed on the ‘Strong, Resilient Communities’ outcome but also initiatives that support the other two outcomes (but seeking smaller amounts of funding).

Proposals must demonstrate the following (our criteria):

  • Deliver in line with CI priorities
  • Meet local need and demand
  • Have a track record of effective delivery or the capacity to deliver
  • Demonstrate value for money (with appropriate budget costs)

If you receive a grant, you’ll need to sign a grant agreement and accept the Terms and Conditions form that explains our expectations, including what the funds can be used for.  You will need to keep accurate records of spend and at the end of the funding period you will be asked to provide an end of grant report demonstrating what difference the grant made. However you can choose the format in which to report.