Our Small Grants Programme is for applications up to the value of £5,000.  Most applications are in the region of £1,000 to £4,000 and the average size of a grant award in 2019/20 was around £2,400. We funded 43 different projects or events over the year.

We are looking to fund projects and events that support the theme of building ‘Strong, resilient communities’, but we also provide small grants for projects falling under the following themes that are seeking smaller investments: Positive ageing and Levelling the playing field.

Initiatives that we may fund under each theme include:

Strong, resilient communities

  • Build and strengthen networks within, and between, communities
  • Foster skills and confidence within communities
  • Enable communities to influence their environment and futures
  • Enable delivery of local ideas and improvements
  • Build on the rich culture and history of North Southwark

Positive ageing

  • Reduce loneliness and isolation for older people
  • Increase mental, physical and/or financial wellbeing for older people
  • Build relationships between old and young
  • Enable older people to contribute towards their community (and visa-versa)
  • Increase the visibility and voice (influence) of older people

Levelling the playing field

  • Provide services to particularly disadvantaged groups
  • Help particularly disadvantaged groups to integrate and access mainstream services
  • Help to build the foundations – skills, confidence and connections – of disadvantaged groups to improve their life chances


In addition, we are looking to fund projects and groups that demonstrate the following (our criteria):

  • Benefit the residents of north Southwark
  • Meet our 3 themes
  • Demonstrate that they meet local need
  • Have a track record of effective delivery and the capacity to deliver
  • Significantly develop and enable communities and lives
  • Are inclusive, collaborative and participatory
  • Have appropriate budget costs (value for money)

If you receive a grant, you’ll need to sign a grant agreement and accept the Terms and Conditions form that explains our expectations, including what the funds can be used for.  You will need to keep accurate records of spend and at the end of the project you will have to complete a final report.  Other applications will not be considered until we have received this report.