Research Opportunities

We aim to redefine how society views older people and we aspire to be forward-thinking and innovative in the design of our almshouses and the delivery of our housing services. We believe we are well-positioned to work with variety of academic disciplines, think tanks, social enterprises and innovators as we develop and learn from our practices.

As a housing provider to older people in Southwark, we believe that we can have the most impact with regards to influence and impact in the following research themes:

  • health and wellbeing
  • housing and the built environment
  • social care and ageing-related topics
  • community building and inner-city factors

Co-production of research projects with our residents and staff is the ultimate objective. It is therefore important to acknowledge that as we embark on research, our themes may evolve to adapt to their needs and desired outcomes.

If you are interested in discussing potential research collaborations with us, please contact our Head Office on 020 7089 9014 or

We would like to acknowledge the Centre for Ageing Better age-positive image library for many of the stock free images we have used on this website.
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