The charity is proud to own a number of historic investment properties in north Southwark. Their rental income help fund our charitable work.  We own a range of pubs, shops and residential homes, many of which are located in Southwark’s most iconic and beautiful locations.

The properties in Borough Market form part of the unique and special character of the area, and many are Grade II listed.  Through careful estate management we ensure that the properties remain in superb condition, our residential tenants live in great homes, and the value of the property and rents is preserved and grown for the benefit of future generations of people we help, and to keep Southwark’s distinctiveness for many years to come.

We carefully select our commercial leaseholders by using a team of advisors, so that our properties suit the character of the area, and we work together with key stakeholders and local landowners such as Borough Market, Southwark Council to share our vision for keeping Southwark a special place with lots of independent businesses.