Southwark Change-Makers: We’re Looking for a Learning Partner

Posted on 23rd November 2023

UStSC has teamed up with Active Communities Network (ACN) to run a new kind of grants programme. Normally, decisions around grant allocation are made by our trustees. This time we are shifting this decision-making to a locally embedded charity, and people closest to the issues.

With ‘Southwark Change-Makers’ due to start early 2024, we’re looking for a Learning Partner to work with us for the duration.  They will capture the lessons and measure the impact – working with the team in an iterative way across the two years.

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Celebrating Russell Dryden – A Community Hero of Bermondsey

Posted on 15th September 2023

Russell Dryden, a Bermondsey native, entrepreneur and our community hero for September. His efforts are helping to revitalise The Blue market and revive the Bermondsey Carnival. His story inspires action and highlights the importance of preserving community values for future generations.

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