We are proactive in responding to local needs, promoting equality in Southwark and working in partnership to support the borough’s brilliant community and voluntary sector.  This means we do more than just provide grants.  We get involved in local (and national partnerships) to maximise our impact. We collaborate with other organisations to align, pool or pilot new approaches to funding that give more control to those closest to problems and solutions.

We were a founder member of IVAR’s Open and Trusting Funder campaign Open and trusting grant-making – Flexible Funders – IVAR UK

We are partnering with Community Southwark and Partnership Southwark to run the ‘Funding Differently: Neighbourhoods Grants Programme’ which gives local groups control over the grantmaking process. And we’re pioneering a new way of reaching and nurturing small local groups through a devolved funding programme with Active Communities Network – Southwark Changemakers.