Our Next Almshouse; a new 500-year legacy

The charity proposes to develop a new almshouse in the area of benefit that will provide modern independent sheltered housing for an ageing population in Southwark, fit for the 21st Century. This almshouse will become a part of the community, and develop activities which have a wider appeal than just the residents. We want our new almshouse to set a new benchmark in social sheltered housing for older people in the inner city, both the way it has been designed, but also in the way that we support the lives of those people making it their home within the community they are settling in. We intend to build an almshouse that is a community within a community, and to demonstrate the benefit and value that older people can bring to the place they live.

During the year, we have had a very positive relationship with the developers Delancey. They respect our vision for quality almshouses and intend to use the affordable housing contribution from their own development in Bankside, to acquire land and fund the development of our new almshouse. As part of the arrangement, the charity has agreed to make a financial contribution of up to £5m towards to the total cost.  Once built, the new almshouse will become part of the charity’s assets.

To meet our ambition, we instructed architects Witherford Watson Mann to design a building of stunning quality and beauty.  A plot of land has been identified in at 94-116 Southwark Park Road in Bermondsey. A planning application was submitted during the financial year and planning approval was awarded in January 2016. At the date of this report, the planning obligations as part of the s106 agreement relating to 94-116 Southwark Park Road were close to being agreed. The date of starting the building work is anticipated to be in 2017 with completion in 2019.