Our Next Almshouse; a new 500-year legacy

The charity is building a new almshouse in the north of Southwark that will provide modern independent sheltered housing for an ageing population, fit for the 21st Century. Our vision is that the building, and the people who live and work in it, will be a part of the community, and will host activities for all ages which have a wider appeal than just the residents.

We hope our new almshouse will set a new benchmark in the way society considers sheltered housing for older people in the inner city, both from the innovative design and quality of the building, but also in the way that we support the lives of those people making it their home. We intend to manage an almshouse that becomes a community within a community, and will demonstrate the benefit and positive contribution that older people can bring to the places they live.

We are working in partnership with the developers JTRE. They respect our vision for high quality social housing and are building the almshouse as part of their requirement to provide affordable housing as part of their own larger development at Triptych, Bankside.

To meet our ambition for a truly visionary social housing model, the charity are using the award-winning architects Witherford Watson Mann. The almshouse is being built at 94-116 Southwark Park Road right in the heart of Bermondsey.  Construction started in June 2020 and the first people from Southwark will hopefully be moving into their beautiful new homes in Winter 2021.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to put your name down to live in our new almshouse, please contact us at our head office newhomes@ustsc.org.uk

To keep right up to date on the progress of the new almshouse you can download the app SitePodium and check out the development.