“Emilie is passionate about celebrating cultures and ensuring people have access to unique, life-changing opportunities. 

That was why she set up @BizzieBodies to deliver creative projects for young people to enhance STEM, Art, Music and Languages skills.

Some of her proudest moments so far, are seeing the many participating young people grow in confidence and successfully present their work and ideas in front of expert panels.

Not to mention their peers, families and the wider community.

She is intimately familiar with the many issues facing families, (she is raising two young children of her own), in a big city, where things are constantly changing, and at times, out of people’s control.  

From a humble beginning, she always faced her challenges with creative solutions. Moving from France to Southwark showed her how well she had grown in confidence, skills and experience. 

She initially worked in the Cinema and TV industry, all the while adapting and overcoming the language barriers.

But she embraced the “Stop & Listen” approach and learnt a lot of important lessons.

Her next move was into community support work, which she embeds into every interaction, project and issue she encountered.

She has created binding solid ties throughout her community and a network of collaborative partnerships with organisations and individuals.  

She intends to continue to create events, activities, workshops and accessible creative spaces throughout the community of Rotherhithe.

An example of this is the ongoing  community garden development initiative  in the Dockland Settlements Centre.“