Housing and Older People Research

We want to make a valuable contribution to understanding in the sector and aim to collaborate with a variety of researchers on diverse issues impacting the lives of current and future older people and their living circumstances.  

Our current collaborations are: 

City University of London (Pathway Entry Only) : IE Abroad

Almshouse Longevity Study Almshouses are run by independent local charities to provide self-contained housing to older people who have a low income. As there is increasing awareness of the impact of an individual’s socio-economic position on their health outcomes and life expectancy, this project is analysing the lifespan of almshouse residents compared to the general population. The team consists of actuarial scientists and social scientists, whose combined expertise is looking at the quantitative data alongside the different aspects of almshouse provision which promote social connection and improved wellbeing of almshouse residents. The findings from this study could help address social inequalities in later life through housing. 

                                   Sleep in the City Almost every major disease in the developed world – Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and diabetes– shows a causal link to lack of sleep. Sleep disruption degrades mental health and increases the burden on health and social care systems. This project brings together a multi-disciplinary team of sleep scientists, engineers and experts in user centred design. Our staff  and residents will work with the research team to gather data on environmental conditions in their bedroom, their sleep quality,  and the ways they control temperatures during heat waves.  The results of the work will  also be of interest to builders, engineers  and architects and social housing providers

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