Our Hopton’s Almshouse is located in Hopton Street, just behind the Tate Modern and consists of 20 beautiful historic almshouses which were built with money left by philanthropist Charles Hopton in 1752. The almshouses are Grade II* listed buildings. Only 5.8% of listed buildings receive this star rating which identified them as particularly important buildings of more than special interest. United St Saviour’s Charity  acquired the Hopton’s almshouses in 2011 from Anchor Housing, who previously managed the combination of one bedroomed ground floor and first floor flats and cottages.

Aside from the flats and cottages, Hopton’s also offers the John Fry Room, which provides communal space for the residents to participate in activities and meetings. This traditional almshouse is designed around a central courtyard. It also offers some additional garden spaces behind the property and a little oasis of green in the Bankside area of London, which are maintained by our gardeners.

Due to the historic nature of the building, it is not always possible to install lifts in the cottages or upstairs flats, resulting in the Hopton’s Almshouses not generally being suitable for those with serious mobility problems.