Charity Statement: Black Lives Matter

Working in Southwark, the trustees and staff of United St Saviour’s Charity recognise that our borough has one of London’s largest population of Black citizens. The brutal death of George Floyd in the US, and the disproportionate number of Black people suffering from Covid-19 in the UK, have highlighted some of the injustices, persecution and racism that the Black community has experienced for centuries, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The inequalities faced by Black Londoners in Southwark affect every aspect of their lives: health, justice, housing, access to arts and green spaces, jobs, education, and more. Other communities suffer too; all inequality stains our borough.

So today’s anger is a call to action for us. We will work harder to call out and tackle deep-seated inequality and racism.  In Southwark, as in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter.

We commit to:
• Promoting equity through our grant-making, by prioritising and supporting groups who represent disadvantaged communities.
• Actively engaging and listening to disadvantaged groups in Southwark to ensure that all our services are designed to meet their needs.
• Actively promoting diversity within our almshouses, designing services and activities that embrace the different backgrounds and cultures of our residents. We will ensure that they are safe and welcoming places for everyone.
• Increasing the voice of Black and other disadvantaged or under-represented communities within our governance and decision-making.
• Continuously learning, reflecting and improving what we do and how we do it to help us achieve our vision of strong, inclusive and equal communities in Southwark.



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