United St Saviour’s Charity is delighted to share a few highlights from yesterday’s Hopfest, our annual summer social event that brought together the wonderful residents across our United St Saviour’s Almshouses and our vibrant local community in Southwark. This year’s fete-themed extravaganza was a day filled with joy, laughter and heartwarming moments, and luckily – sunshine, based in the lovely setting of our Hopton’s Almshouse! 

From the captivating magic shows to the lively beats of the live music performances, Hopfest brought together our residents and the local community in a celebration of togetherness. We challenged everyone’s estimation skills with the “Guess the Weight of the Melon” contest, and there were more than a few laughs at our “Name the Teddy” station. Sweet treats hidden in jars added an element of delightful mystery, and the cake and book stalls were a treasure trove for everyone.

The sweet-filled jars and the bustling cake and book stall added a touch of nostalgia and excitement. Every donation made during the event contributes directly to our shared mission of making a positive impact, going directly to support St Christopher’s Hospice. We’re immensely grateful for the generosity and kindness of all those involved in the day. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our incredible residents, team, and our friends from Blackfriars Settlement, who made this event possible. The enthusiasm and support of everyone involved helped to create a wonderfully inclusive and lively event for our community. 

Thank you for being part of this wonderful day, and let’s continue to build connections with one another to spread the spirit of the Southwark Community. 



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