We are delighted to be provided this opportunity to work with an esteemed group of almshouses, The Almshouse Association and UCL research team for the Dunhill Medical Trust’s funded project. This project aligns to our objective of ensuring that our residents are at the heart of all our research collaborations. The Resident Advisory Group (RAG) will consist of 3-4 residents from each almshouse, and the group will advise the research team at each stage to ensure that the project is inclusive and caters to the diversity of our community. The RAG also provides an opportunity for our residents to meet and engage with residents from other almshouses and learn and develop their skills at the workshops held throughout the 30-month project.

Our involvement in this knowledge exchange partnership highlights our commitment to ensuring that our charity’s governance and building structures are resilient to changes and challenges we may face in the future. Underpinning our vision of:

  • provide safe and secure housing
  • create a caring and inclusive community
  • support optimal health and wellbeing outcomes for our residents

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