Being a charity trustee of an organisation like our requires commitment, dedication, insight and confidence; all on a voluntary basis.

Over the past 5 years the charity has risen to the challenges of the pandemic, terrorist incidents, and increasing inequality in Southwark’s communities. In the coming years, our challenges include the impact of soaring inflation, the huge increase in the cost of living, ongoing social inequality exposed by Black Lives Matter, and increasing mental health issues and ageing in our communities.

For our trustees, using evidence and listening to the people and organisations we work with, they are continually having to make difficult decisions regarding:

  • Resourcing and how best to deploy our assets
  • Where best to focus for lasting impact
  • How to ensure our organisation grows sustainably and operates efficiently

Our Trustees’ Away Day on Tuesday 14th June offered us the opportunity to reflect on this journey and look to the future in developing and implementing a long-term strategy.

Our trustees are incredibly hard-working and bring real strength to us, yet they are usually hidden behind the scenes. The Away Day is therefore a moment to thank these people who volunteer their time to govern the charity with the aim of making a difference to our local community and to society as a whole.

Thank you to all our wonderful trustees!

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