XLP engages in long term relationships to encourage and support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete their education and avoid getting pulled into anti-social behaviour, gangs or criminality.  They work primarily with children and young people who are experiencing a range of life challenges and/or educational difficulties, supporting them to become positive members of the community, and well equipped to make the most out of their lives. It does this through a portfolio of prevention, intervention and diversionary projects.

The idea behind their Southwark Community Youth work sessions is that young people shouldn’t have to come to us when we can go to them. They want to remove any barriers that might prevent a young person from engaging with XLP, which is why the activity is run directly in local communities.


XLP has been awarded a two year grant to continue to deliver their Community Bus project in the Silwood Estate and Denmark Hill – areas where there is very little youth provision and where XLP have strong relationships with the local secondary schools.