Southwark Kaleidoscope aims to provide a platform for the community to celebrate its richness and diversity, to create conversations and increase understanding between communities, and to help shape their future. They use arts as a tool to reach and amplify unheard voices, and draw on the skills of local people to create festivals and activities which animate the Kaleidoscope of cultures in Walworth and wider Southwark.

We have awarded them a year of funding to deliver their ‘Animated Tales of Diversity’. This is a community engagement project that connects to local stories of diversity such as that of Prince Monolulu, the first black man on the BBC in 1936. It will collect contemporary stories and historic journeys from the local community with a variety of artists working with residents from Walworth and north Southwark. It will see a community event, animated tour with actors animating local stories and journeys and a new play developed and performed by the theatre company People’s Company. As a project it will develop training in archival skills and the creation and curation of an exhibition around local diversity.