Ripe Learning

RIPE Learning is here to help people learn important skills for a better life. They teach in person and online. They support people with the development of skills like English, Maths and workplace skills, to help them access new opportunities, that can further their career and/or education. They offer the services to a wide range of people such as migrants, refugees, or local mums. Their approach is to make learning accessible and intuitive, by using small classes and creative approaches. By understanding the unique challenges of their learners, they are able to cater for everybody.

They offer lessons every day, and they even give tools for online learning. People who learned before also help teach others. They want to help everyone go at their own speed and feel surer of themselves. They work with groups to make communities stronger and help people have better chances.

We have awarded them 2 years of restricted funding for their Digital skills for English programme.