Residents at our two alms-houses are reporting high levels of satisfaction with United St Saviour’s Charity with around 98% saying they were either fairly satisfied or very satisfied with the services provided. 94% also said they were satisfied with their opportunity to make their views known.

During November last year all residents were invited to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey telling us what they thought about their homes, neighbourhoods and the services we provide. The results showed that the vast majority of our residents are delighted to live in one of our alms-houses with Purley residents especially happy with their homes, gardens and locally based staff.

At our alms-house in Hopton Street there was very high satisfaction with the appearance and cleanliness of their homes and the ability of staff to deal with their problems.

The results of this survey are now being presented to residents who will work with us to look for areas of improvement and agree an action plan to make our services even better.

When asked about future activities, residents said they wanted more trips and outings so we will be sure to include these in our plans for 2018.

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