As part of our new environmental strategy, United St Saviour’s Charity is in the process of switching all the electricity supplies we use to a new 100% renewable energy product.

As a landlord we purchase electricity supplies for our almshouses, commercial properties and offices so the volume of electricity we use is not insignificant; however we are very aware of our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint as a business. As an organisation we have signed up to being socially and environmentally responsible and in 2018 we have committed to take action to put these principles into practice.

As such we will shortly be switching to a 100% renewable energy product which will allow us to report zero emissions for all the electricity we purchase.

This business tariff allows organisations like us manage our Greenhouse Gas Emissions and supply renewable energy matched to Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins, certifying that the purchased electricity has been generated exclusively through a portfolio of wind and hydro assets.

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