We’re pleased to announce that United St. Saviours is expanding our partnership with ClearCommunityWeb to include our new almshouse, Appleby Blue.

In an increasingly digital world, the lack of digital skills can pose a significant barrier, particularly affecting older individuals. At United St.Saviourโ€™s, we are committed to supporting our residents to ensure they arenโ€™t digitally excluded due to technological challenges. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve partnered with ClearCommunityWeb to deliver a series of drop-in sessions at Appleby Blue over the next month.ย This builds on our existing relationship with the organisation, which has already delivered a number of useful sessions to our residents atย St Saviourโ€™s Court Almshouse in Purley.

ClearCommunityWeb is on a mission to empower individuals by boosting their confidence and comfort with technology. Through classes, workshops, and personalised support, they have been instrumental in providing a pathway for those who may feel digitally excluded. Their focus on older people, vulnerable adults, and carers in South London resonates deeply with our commitment to level the playing field in Southwark.

Our first digital skills sessions at Appleby Blue have been a resounding success. Our residents not only acquired new skills but also found a safe and welcoming space to ask questions and explore novel ways of connecting with their community. Support was given for everything fromย accessing HMRC to navigating the Southwark council website and updating their address on various online accounts.ย 

We’re excited to see what our partnership with ClearCommunityWeb can do by extending sessions across all of our Almshouses. These sessions empower our residents and the wider Southwark community to harness the potential of technology. By building digital skills, our residents can embark on journeys of lifelong learning, greater independence, and stronger community ties.

Stay tuned as we work hand in hand with ClearCommunityWeb to create more opportunities for our residents and the Southwark community to thrive in the digital age. Together, we want to break down barriers and ensure that technology becomes an avenue of empowerment for all.

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