Positive ageing

Link Age Southwark

Connecting communities for positive ageing in North Southwark (1 year from September 2018)

50 older residents in North Southwark will be connected with volunteers and with the wider community through befriending, social groups offering gentle exercise and sharing information about positive ageing.


‘Silverfit Fun and Fitness’ (1 years from July 2018)

The grant will continue Silverfit’s exercise and keep fit programme for older people in venues across north Southwark.  It is supporting the provision of  additional exercise activities – including Nordic walking, walking basketball and yoga -at its existing venues at Burgess Park, London South Bank University and Millwall.  But Silverfit is more than just exercise classes for over 65,  the sense of community and mutual support is reducing isolation and improving health and wellbeing.

South London Cares

South London Cares in north Southwark (2 years from April 2018)

70 vibrant social clubs bringing at least 140 older neighbours and 500 young people together to share time, laughter and new experiences; reduce loneliness and isolation amongst older and younger people alike; deepen neighbours’ connection, resilience and power; and expand activity and relationships across social and generational divides in rapidly-changing north Southwark.

Blackfriars Settlement

Bridging the Gap (1 year from December 2017)

Blackfriars’ older people service focuses on over 65s in the Bankside area, and includes outreach, a range of activities within the centre itself, and befriending. The service helps to reduce social isolation and increase wellbeing amongst older residents, and to enable them to feel part of the community. The funding will support the salary and on-costs of the older people service manager for 1 year.

Age UK Lewisham & Southwark

Advising North Southwark (1 year from October 2017)

The grant is funding an Advisor to deliver the ‘Advising North Southwark’ information and advice service to improve older people’s incomes and well-being, and connect them to community activities. The service will be delivered in trusted venues like GP practices, cafés, libraries and community centres which older people feel more comfortable accessing than high street advice services.

Opening Doors London

Southwark Older LGBT Connect (2 years from October 2017)

The grant is funding the provision of a wide range of services to isolated older LGBT people living in north Southwark, in partnership with local providers and networks. The support will include social, health and wellbeing activities, befriending, signposting to care services, volunteering opportunities, health and information events and providing training to local service providers.


The Posh Club (1 Year from May 2017)

The Posh Club, run by the Vauxhall Tavern’s ‘Duckie’ team, is a daytime performance club for older people. The tongue-in-cheek  1940’s afternoon tea events feature live performances by drag artists, up-and-coming performers, and involve waiters in black tie, vintage crockery, and an in-house pianist. Participants are encouraged to dress up and not take themselves too seriously. Currently being delivered, with great success, in Hackney and Crawley, UStSC funding is bringing The Posh Club to Southwark.

Strong, resilient communities

Time and Talents Centre

‘An Engine of Community’ (1 year from September 2018)

Supporting Time & Talents to deliver its vision of being ‘an engine of community’: building a happy, healthy, supportive community, where everyone is included. T&T will run a huge range of projects, activities and support focused on both individual and community needs.

Pembroke House

‘A Settlement for the 21st Century’ (1 year from September 2018)

To support Pembroke House to build a new settlement model for the 21st Century, underpinned by values that have been central to the settlement movement over the past 130 years.

Bankside Residents Forum

The Lives of Bankside Residents’ (1 year from September 2018)

Oral history and public film project capturing the lives of local residents, their memories, experiences and opinions in order to influence change in Bankside.

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Great Get Together Bankside (24th June 2018)

The Great Get Together is a large street festival at Union Street and Redcross Way that celebrates the wonderful area of Bankside through a variety of entertainment and activities for local people of all ages.

David Idowu Foundation

David Idowu Peace Event 2018

Community event open to all in Tabard Gardens, SE1, to mark the 10th anniversary of the passing of David Idowu and all young people lost to violent crime.


Musicity Southwark 2018 (1 year from June 2018)

Musicity Southwark 2018 will celebrate the music, diverse community, history and architecture of north Southwark with the release of 7 new and exclusive pieces of music by local artists at various locations, plus a series of related tours and talks.

London Bubble

Creative Volunteers Chart the Mayflower (2 years from January 2018)

2020 is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower leaving the UK to take settlers to America.  In the run up to this event, the grant will create opportunities for local people to research, discuss and creatively develop workshops relating to the voyage.  Delivered in community settings, the workshops will animate the story in a way that is relevant, accessible and fun. It will build intergenerational connections and community ownership of the Mayflower anniversary. Importantly, it will stimulate debate and awareness around the themes of migration and religious tolerance.

Lamlash Garden Association

The Castle Place Project (1 year from October 2017)

The project aims to create a new neighbourhood hub and social space for Elephant and Castle residents, including a community centre, studios and workspaces, a cafe and community kitchen on the sites of two former working timber and light industrial yards.

Walworth Society

Walworth Community Gardening Network (2 years from September 2017)

The grant is funding a project co-ordinator to establish a permanent network of community gardening projects in Walworth’s housing estates, streets and community centres that provide mutual aid, support and sharing of best practice to local residents in gardening and food growing skills. The project will include on-site gardening training days at estates & centres, an annual gardening conference and annual Garden Show in Walworth.

School Food Matters

Young Marketeers  (2 years from April 2017)

The successful Young Marketeers programme has been running since 2013. Over this period it has reached over 10,000 children in north Southwark and Bermondsey, with £3,018 raised for FareShare (enabling them to produce 12,072 meals for vulnerable families).  Working through schools to grow and cook food for sale, the programme addresses several important local issues – it brings the local community into Borough Market, and works towards reduction of health inequalities and childhood obesity by increasing knowledge of healthy eating and cooking.  It also helps to reduce food poverty and waste, and builds trading and entrepreneurial skills for young people.  School Food Matters will build on its success to run 5 new sales – one of which will focus on celebrating diversity across north Southwark’s diverse population.

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

‘Community Green Champions’ (2 years from November 2016)

The grant is funding a Community Development Worker to recruit, train and support 10 ‘Community Green Champions’ – local people from social housing estates who are passionate  about community gardening and food growing – to create or improve at least 6 green space sites in Bankside.

Levelling the playing field

Construction Youth Trust

Shaping Southwark’s Future (2 years from November 2018)

A partnership between United St Saviour’s Charity, Grosvenor, British Land, Southwark Construction Skills Centre and Construction Youth Trust to make strategic connections between schools, construction employers and other stakeholders and ensure that young people benefit directly from the jobs and skills opportunities created by the regeneration in the north of Southwark.

Young Vic

Young Vic Unpacked (2018)

Drawing on the Chicago experiences of the Young Vic’s incoming Creative Director, Kwame Kwei-Armah, this exciting new project will take world-class theatre to community hubs in Southwark.  Frank Wedekind’s challenging play ‘Spring Awakening’ tackles issues around emerging sexuality, mental health, and relationships and will be performed in the venues of several longstanding UStSC partners including Pembroke House and The Salmon Centre.

Bede House

Better Futures (2 years from October 2018)

Project to improve the future prospects of women and their children affected by domestic violence, and children and young people from low income households. Individuals will receive practical help, build self-confidence and self-worth, find new friends and gain a sense of purpose and hope for the future.

Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers

St Mary Newington Project (2 years from September 2018)

Expansion of the Charity’s services at its Kennington centre. It will offer advice and advocacy, English language and skills training, a women’s group, art sessions, a crèche, and food and emergency support to improve the life chances of particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged people within North Southwark.

Advising Communities

Latin American Community Advice & Integration (2 years from April 2018)

Continuation funding for work supporting Latin American residents to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through money management and employment. From 2018, the project will incorporate English-speaking residents to allow the development of closer links between the communities.

English For Action

Learning for Change (2 years from August 2018)

Training Southwark migrants in English skills and community organising in order to build their capacity to improve their own lives and take action to address issues such as unsafe and precarious housing, exploitation at work or lack of migrants’ rights.

Southwark Law Centre

Planning Voice (1 year from August 2018)

The project will support and empower local people from disadvantaged communities in north Southwark to influence physical developments affecting their local environment.  It will enable residents to be effectively involved in planning decisions and ensure that they are supported with mitigation measures where affected negatively by developments.  A specialist caseworker will provide group training sessions on planning and licensing issues for local residents.  It will work on an outreach basis in the premises of partner agencies and local groups.  10 ‘expert’ volunteers, largely drawn from the local community, will support the work of the project and ensure skills transfer for the future. Pro-bono input will be secured from planning or legal experts living or working elsewhere in Southwark.

Latin Elephant

Business Readiness Programme for Migrant and Ethnic Businesses (1 year from June 2018)

Migrant and ethnic businesses are an integral part of the Elephant and Castle community; they provide goods at reasonable prices, services in specific languages, act as information centres and meeting points for the local population. Regeneration plans may lead to commercial displacement and further marginalisation of the local community.  The project will provide tailored ‘business readiness’ support  to the small migrant and ethnic businesses affected by the regeneration.  It will increase their ability to take advantage of discounted retail rents within the new shopping centre and/or successful relocation.  This project addresses a widespread challenge – in Southwark and beyond – and has the potential to be rolled out to other areas.

Universal Credit Mitigation Project 

(1 year from January 2018)

Universal Credit was introduced to some Southwark claimants in early 2017, with full roll-out starting in September.  Administration problems have resulted in financial and emotional stress for many claimants, and a surge in demand on advice agencies who are struggling to keep up.  The Universal Credit Mitigation Project was developed by United St Saviour’s in discussion with key local agencies.  It is investing additional funds into a consortium of local agencies over the next critical 12 months of roll-out. Southwark Law Centre and Citizens Advice Southwark will be able to increase advice and support available, and Advising Communities will lead the research into how different groups are affected, and the most effective ways of supporting them.

Home Start Southwark

Bump to Babe (2 years from April 2017)

Child poverty is high in north Southwark and this project seeks to reduce its negative impact among higher risk households.  Good early years development is essential for successful life progression. ‘Bump to Babe’ trains local volunteers who build relationships with, and provide support to, new parents who are particularly high risk, helping them negotiate the significant challenges they experience in the first months of having a baby. It particularly helps to ensure a good bond essential for healthy development and emotional health.  UStSC funding is taking the existing tried and tested  ‘Bump to Babe’ model one step further by providing training and paid work experience for the local volunteers – paving the way for family support careers.

Salmon Youth Centre

‘Sticking with Young People’  (2 years from April 2017)

Many young people growing up in Bermondsey face ongoing challenges and obstacles that negatively impact their health, wellbeing and development. These stem from factors including poverty and worklessness amongst parents, lack of family stability and positive male role models, exposure to violence, abuse, alcohol and substance misuse – and stressful life circumstances.  In an environment of reducing local services for young people, the project will continue delivery of effective and innovative youth work to 1,000 vulnerable young people who access the Salmon Centre over a 2 year period. It will also develop a range of new interventions that respond to the changing needs of young people.