United St Saviour’s is a founder member of Southwark Giving.  Currently hosted by Community Southwark, Southwark Giving is a placed-based giving scheme being set up to find new ways to address hidden, unmet and emerging local community needs.  It will do this by harnessing the potential of the community, corporate and voluntary sector, and by drawing in additional investment to tackle local challenges.

Southwark Giving will enable anyone to give time, skills and/or money in collaboration with others to help make a difference to people’s lives.

It’s mission is to unite Southwark to tackle local disadvantage. It will do this by:

  • Working in partnership with different sectors to invest in effective solutions for local needs
  • Creating opportunities for everyone to give what they can; time, skills and/or money
  • Raising awareness about local needs to bring the community together

Partly funded by United St Saviour’s, an important piece of research was commissioned in 2016  to form the basis for the Southwark Giving programme:

A Tale of Two Southwarks

For more information visit the Southwark Giving website:  http://southwarkgiving.org