Who we support

Our grants are awarded to organisations that support people who live in our Area of Benefit.

United St Saviour’s will fund a wide range of organisations including:

  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee (with a social purpose)
  • Faith based organisations (where activities are not specifically connected with religion)
  • Organisations based within, or outside, the Area of Benefit as long as they are delivering initiatives within the area.  Organisations based outside will be expected to have good local knowledge and connections, and bring something that adds value to local groups/clearly increases benefit to local people.

 We will not fund:

  • Projects where the main beneficiaries are living or working outside our area of benefit
  • Individuals (including sole traders)
  • For Profit companies
  • Local authorities and public bodies
  • Purely religious activity
  • Political or animal welfare activity

Area of Benefit

Click here for a map of our Area of Benefit

How to Apply

For step by step instructions of how to apply for a small or large grant click here