How we’re funded

We generate our funding from two main sources:

Firstly, we own numerous properties close to Southwark Cathedral in Park Street and Stoney Street, London SE1, along with some other properties in north Southwark. As landlords, we aim to maximise our return while respecting the long-term security of our secure tenants. Our strategy is to concentrate our retail property ownership in Southwark with a focus on shops that offer unique or special goods. A substantial programme of improvements and repairs to our properties in Park Street and Stoney Street was completed in 2015.

Secondly, we have around £14 million of investments on the stock exchange. Our aim here is to maximise our total return while pursuing an ethical investment policy.

In addition, we own the almshouse at St Saviour’s Court, 2a Old Lodge Lane, Purley, Surrey, and we manage Hopton’s Almshouses in Bankside, Southwark.

Annual accounts

The total value of our assets is nearly £35 million.

A copy of our latest annual accounts can be downloaded here